Reeta Juneja

Age Defying: Lemon, Juniper & Grape Seed Restorative Body Oil


Hydrates, Tones, Firms

Our restorative body oil has some of most nurturing and potent carrier and essential oils such as Grape Seed, Juniper, Lemon, Rose Geranium and others. Which contains vitamins E, C, and D that helps sealing moisture in your skin which in turn works to alleviate the appearance of ageing, dry and dehydrated skin.

Massaging your body with this oil helps to tone, tighten and firm dull and sagging skin. Also cleanse and detoxify the body and can aid in relieving anxiety and mental fatigue. Make your skin soft, smooth and radiant.

Size: 3.4 fl.oz. / 100 ml

Skin Type: For all skin types

Period After Opening: 6 Months

How to Use
Apply liberally to clean skin and massage in with circular movements, all over the body. Wipe off excess oil with a warm damp towel or take a warm shower to rinse it off. This oil can be diluted with almond oil if one wants to use it as a body massage oil.

Works Well With

* Rose Geranium Moisturising Body Cream



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