Chile a Mano

Handmade Chilean Bird Pedestal


Beautiful bird reproductions in Laurel and hand-painted with expertise, which bring us closer to wildlife from forests and Chilean fields, giving color and charm to our spaces. Includes pedestal.
An ideal gift for nature lovers.
Chuncho, The smallest of Chilean night rapting species, easily audible at sunset in hills, meadows and forests. In its plumage, coffee shades predominate in different intensity and design. The belly is whitish coffee with white tips. Its brown gray tail has transverse stripes of chestnut color. Back of Coffee Jasped
Artisan: Jorge Herrera
Location: Villarrica.
Region: Araucanía.
Technique: Carved and painted wood
Dimensions in centimeters: High, 15-17. Width, 14.
Weight: 100 grs.

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