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Productivity and Creativity Eco-Kit

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Eco-planner Journal: You can start using your journal Eco-planner whenever you want The more sooner, the better for your productivity !. And the best thing is small and light. With all tasks recorded in the right place, visualize your day is easier and always remember everything. In this eco-based planner eucalyptus recycled, the cover is divided into various subject tables such as:

  • Space date and day of the week
  • Task List Priorities for the day
  • Reminders physical activity
  • Tracking important new insights
  • Table to score pyres, ideas and dreams In addition, the back, the pages have little dots.
  • We designed this way so you can take notes and make notes extra if you need it!
  • Size: 10.5 x 14.5 cm
  • Hardcover with matte finish .
  • Binding with silver thread
  • Core in black and white on offset paper 90g .
  • Cotton Elastic closure .
  • 100 pages eucalyptus-based recycling certificate.
  • Semiannual Eco-planner: The Eco-planner Ideas Killari is a perfect tool that allows you to plan your business and personal life. Make it more organized, productive and practical way to achieve all goals so your. To organize all or successfully plan the start of a wonderful 2021:
  • A base compostable eucalyptus leaves recycled 12 months (January to December 2021) .
  • 2 cards with cute stickers to decorate your work and days .
  • 1 eco-on to save loose potatoes .
  • + 45 motivational phrases .
  • Personal information .
  • Calendar 2021 Plan semester January-June 2021 .
  • Balance of life: learning, work and enjoyment for every area of ​​your life
  • Tips Killari: SMART objectives and technical Pomodoro . List to record books, films and series you saw or wanted to see .
  • Organization logins, passwords and important contacts .
  • Menstrual Calendar .
  • Separators message on the side and space for favorite moments, photos, collages and everything that inspires you .
  • Pages mountains for several notes .
  • Monthly Planning from January to June (follow the habits and goals of the month);) 2 month view pages . 2 pages per month financial planning . View week on 2 pages (Priorities and appreciation week) Monthly Balance to reflect on what I know and what you want to move in next month .
  • Annual balance to close the first half 2021 with golden key Retrospective 2021: rate or mark the most important of each month. Remember not only great moments, have small daily achievements! Let's celebrate! Killari Planner gives you the ability to split your six days prefer. The criteria are based on your tasks and notes per shift (morning, afternoon and evening), type (professional and personal), or order of importance and urgency. 100% original designs inspired by the Amazon
  • Size: 16.5 x 20.5 cm 17.7 x 21 cm (front and back) Hard finish with matte finish black and white core paper recycling eucalyptus 90gr Elastic closure "text-decoration: underline;">
  • Pack of 3 Eco-card craft: Writing has become something very unusual, but it has not ceased to be One of the most beautiful ways to express ourselves and connect with yourself and with someone! Span > The eco-card Killari will be your perfect tool to capture your dreams and frame, write a cute message to someone or represent in every detail a natural expression of your desires . What is special about the eco-letters Killari is: are naturally made from 100% re-used. are decorated with.

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