Vi Bella

Maria Handbeaded Star Ornament

Color: Gold

A traditional Haitian beading technique is used to produce this one-of-a-kind ornament.  The Maria Star Ornament is weaved by hand in a process that takes hours to complete.  Sewn with a satin fabric on the reverse side and finished with a hand-rolled paper bead, this ornament is beyond special.  This beading process is not quick or easy and we are so proud of our hard-working artisans that have mastered this difficult skill.  

About the Artisans:

The majority of the Vi Bella sewing team learned to sew while waiting to receive prosthetics on the Mission of Hope Haiti campus after the earthquake of 2010 left them amputees.  Other members of our sewing team are part of a near-by deaf community. Vi Bella was recently awarded by the Haitian government as being one of the top employers of Haitians with disabilities. Finding employment in Haiti is difficult, but especially hard on those with a disability. We are happy to be able to provide opportunity for those who struggle to find steady employment.


  • Details: Seeds beads hand sewn on front, metallic fabric on back
  • Size:  4.5" tall, 3.5" wide.
  • Made by Vi Bella artisans in Haiti. 

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