Reeta Juneja

Skin Essentials: Rose Geranium Moisturizing Body Cream


Refreshing, Replenishing, Rejuvenating

This refreshing and deeply moisturizing body cream has an uplifting aroma, which helps you relax and soothe your tired muscles. Packed with Shea and Cocoa butter, it is rich with protective and soothing properties for skin care. This cream provides immediate hydration to the skin's surface and leaves no residue after being massaged well into the skin.

Continued use of this cream helps in alleviating enlarged pores and blemishes, soothes irritated, calloused, and rough skin. It has extremely nourishing flaxseed and olive oils, which with their lubricating qualities, plump up the skin for a soft and supple feel. Its antioxidant ingredients help improve skin texture to achieve smooth and supple skin.

Size: 100ml / 3.4 fl.oz

Best For: All Skin Types 

Period after opening: 6 Months

    How to Use: After shower apply generously all over your body and massage it into your skin until its absorbed completely.


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