THE CANNABINOID Sample set: want to try our best selling CBD products for minimum investment? We’ve got you covered, great for travel or yoga bag. Take us with you everywhere. 


What you get in the set


SEN face serum

endocannabinoid hemp extract   ruh khus   rhododendron   somalian frankincense co2   wild french lavender   black currant   squalane

SKIN CHALLENGES | acne, inflammation, dry skin, fine lines, pigmentation issues, highly restorative ideal for activating balance.

DETAILS: 2 Dram Vial


THE FIX face potion

usnea   elderflower   amla   cannabinoid   prickly pear   amalaki seed oil

SKIN CHALLENGES |  most skin types:  dry, oily, sensitive, eczema, acne, inflammation, sun-damaged, dark circles

DETAILS: 5ml sample jar


RASA restorative potion

reishi   chaga   ca poppy   brahmi   CBD   yuzu   cardamon CO2   sandalwood   squalane   hemp   prickly pear butter

Skin Challenges: dry, dehydrated skin conditions, skin that had been depleted by stress and environmental toxins, sensitive skin conditions, can be used on face for a more intense hydration.

DETAILS: 30ml Jar


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