Killa Vive Verde

Mini Reusable Food Bags - Set of 4


Already you have changed purchasing traditional products packaged in plastic everywhere ecofriendly bulk purchases this 2021? πŸƒ Let the #ZeroWaste movement is not a fad of the moment and to think about the effect of our consumption. Only at certain dates where we think if we care or not the planet! Unfortunately the industry today is crowded with products emplastificados high footprint left the planet ... buy in bulk: πŸƒ it helps to love what you consume more and buy πŸƒ helps you buy what you need and do not generate waste or leftovers πŸƒ will support local producers who bring direct harvest fresh and clean products for you in every market or fair near you πŸƒπŸ§‘ Our renovated Ecobags Bulk Pack Selva made with local natural cotton, embroidery and double lining, it is designed to help in this transition to new greener habits @ contig We are in this change!

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