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Katey Yurko of the Violet Fog says:
"These are three supplements I take for AGING GRACEFULLY.

My stack has an emphasis on mitochondrial support, skin, and liver health!

Throw in a HAIR benefit as well. ;)

Here is my personal breakdown of each vitamin. You would take one packet a day- that’s three pills. EASY.

The first supplement I have in there is RESVERATROL.

Specifically what you are getting is TRANS-RESVERATROL. This is the active ingredient in resveratrol. Resveratrol is great for the skin, liver, heart, and mitochondria as it can help with cellular reprogramming. As we age our programing can get a bit fuzzy- resveratrol can help with this! This study goes into depth as to how resveratrol can help protect mitochondria. (We need to keep mitochondria STRONG if we want to age gracefully.)

Also in this resveratrol supplement is trans-Pterostilbene which is a powerhouse for improving the function of normal cells. How often am I saying a key to anti-aging is caring for our bodies on a cellular level? ;)

The second supplement I have is a max strength BIOTIN

Biotin a CLASSIC for hair, skin and nails. Mostly hair!

Biotin is a part of the B vitamin family. It helps convert certain nutrients into energy. Many doses on supplements are around 1000mg-2500mg. I prefer a hefty dose of 5000mg a day. That's what really does the trick for me.

This study was done over 3 months where they looked at women with thinning hair. Half the group took the placebo and half the group took a marine protein with biotin in it. The results showed that women who took the bioton had significantly more hair growth and less shedding after the 3 months than the placebo group. This study had similar results. 

The third supplement in this stack is LIVER LOVE

Liver Love is a multi-vitamin for the liver. When your LIVER starts to age- YOU start to age. A healthy liver = a healthy YOU. Keep that in mind! It's so important to me to get in liver strengthening nutrients every single day. S

Some of the notable supplements in it:⁣

DIM- Helps the body dump inflammatory estrogen. It’s a great liver detoxifier.⁣

NAC- Biggest liver detoxifier. ⁣

Milk Thistle- Helps dump out toxins. ⁣

Selenium- A cofactor for certain detox pathways. It helps with thyroid production too. It’s also an antioxidant itself. ⁣

Alpha-Lipoic Acid- a brain AND liver detoxifer

….. Just to name some of them!

I highly recommend giving this stack a go! See how you feel and look after ~3 months. I started feeling more energy after one week. By the way- these supplements are highly bioavailable and made in a high quality lab. Super important! 

ENJOY! Stay healthy <3 "

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