Founder Mariska Nicholson has a primary goal was to create clean and effective products that a single mom could plug into her budget, so I did. I have a culinary background, so I went to the kitchen and began blending formulas of my own — rogue style kitchen chemistry. Four years later, Olive + M was born.

I have continued to carry a passion for researching and utilizing powerhouse ingredients that are approachable. Ingredients people understand and aren't scared to put on their body, because they are putting it in their body. Because of this precedent, I am very intentional when I formulate. Every ingredient matters and plays a role in the efficacy of our formulas. I always say, we didn't invent this. Cleopatra used olive oil in her ancient beauty regimen. We're just bringing it back into the forefront, keeping it clean, and making its beauty benefits accessible to all.