Each and every of the amazing products on the Just Marketplace and Studio are reviewed through a rigorous process by our Sustainability Justification Team.

The Creators, Designers and Artisans provide details and documentation of their materials, production process, and employment practices.

The Justification Team reviews all information, engages with the Creator to refine any answers and details, and completes an assessment that generates a score in three primary areas. The score for each product is displayed on the product page.


The sustainable way to make.
The right way to buy.
The Just way to help.

Why is our Justification score important to you?

We at Just know that you have so many options when it comes to finding products that are needed. We believe that each purchase made, is a statement in what we desire the world to be. A conscientious and purposeful purchase is saying that we want the employees to be fairly paid, the workers to have safe conditions, the production methods to protect rather than destroy our world, and that with each purchase we can make the world a better place. Justified Sustainable Creators and their products do Just this.

Justified Sustainability Score Details

Each product page in the marketplace shows the score for these considerations.
A total score is the averaged sum for the Creator and their Products.

Wages & Employee
Working Conditions

We evaluate the wages Creators pays in the region, compared to the legal minimum wage, but also for living wages as this is usually much higher than the legal minimums. We work to understand and ensure that the workers have a safe environment when working in the facility that is free from abuse, inequality or exposure to potentially harmful materials or processes.

Environment, Water & Recycling

The materials used in production are evaluated and scored on factors such as organic, vegan, non GMO and other similar properties. Dependant on the product, the way in which the material is gathered, grown or mined is scored. Creators who are focused on the environment are the top consideration for Just marketplace and studio in alignment with our Vision and Mission.

Purpose Focused & Certifications

Just is focused on furthering the amazing vision of our Creators. The Team evaluates their mission, vision and values, which contributes to the score, additional considerations are give-back programs that the Creator supports. We also increase score for certifications that are achieved from organizations such as GOTS, WFTO, B-Corp Certification and others.

Just Creators and Products are Often:

Brands & Designers Producing Eco-Innovative Products

Ex-Trafficking Victims that are creating unique products as part of a collective or outreach organization

Indigenous Artisans that are applying their ancestral techniques

Marginalized Groups that find a way to create new things

Micro, Small and Medium Women and/or BIPOC Owned Business that hand make products

Single mothers that make products at home to support their children

Women with Disabilities that express themselves through their craft, trade, and skill sets

Women and youth who are transitioning from homelessness, incarceration or shelters

“Just is a high end and curated marketplace. Through our partnership with Brands, Creators and Artisan Groups around the world, we validate their work, uplift women from poverty, and share their craft to an expanded market for the conscientious consumer.”

Featured Justified New Creator - Introducing Carry Courage

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Why choose Just?

Good for you,
Good for the Planet

Our products are all sustainably made by Creators and Artisans globally.

A conscientious purchasing decision

All Creators and Artisans are impacted by your purchase, clean world, clean living.


Every Creator and every product is reviewed by our Sustainability Team and scored for your review

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