Using Our Voices for Change

The Imperative Role of International Advocacy for Women's Rights & LGBTQ+ Rights

The landscape of our world has been indelibly shaped by the compelling power of voice. From the iconic words of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, to the rallying cry of the "Me Too" movement, and the historic 2018 midterm elections in the United States – it's clear that our voices hold the key to instigate transformative change.

At ChooseJust, we place immense value on international advocacy, recognizing it as a critical element in shaping the rights and freedoms of individuals globally. Our society mirrors our global community, and this interconnectedness means that events unfolding in distant parts of the world can profoundly impact our lives. This is why we are committed to amplifying the voices of the disenfranchised and shedding light on persistent injustices. We aspire to demonstrate the influence of vocal advocacy in catalyzing meaningful change for those who need it the most.

This aligns perfectly with our larger mission of empowering women and fostering sustainable, intentional businesses. When channeled correctly, our collective power can truly make the world a better place for everyone. By educating ourselves about international advocacy and staying abreast of current issues, we can contribute to positive change and offer support to those in need. To stay informed about our efforts and the causes we champion, we encourage you to follow us on our social media platforms, subscribe to our newsletter, and consider supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the rights of minority and at-risk communities.

By uniting our efforts and harnessing our collective power, we can drive forward positive change in our world. Let's envision a world where everyone is treated with equality and respect and voices are heard regardless of gender identity, sexuality, or race.

One effective way to advocate for specific causes is by signing petitions and writing letters to your representatives. Seek petitions that align with the causes you are passionate about, and craft your letters to elected officials to express your support. Amplify your impact by sharing these petitions within your networks and with others who can help to magnify your voice.

Another avenue for real change lies in our support for artists who embody specific causes. By elevating diverse voices, we contribute to a more inclusive world. Art often mirrors the environment in which it is created, making it a powerful tool for advocacy. Consider supporting art that resonates with the causes you are passionate about, or showcasing art that celebrates the beauty of diversity. Remember, the impact of international advocacy isn't confined to the political sphere; it can be as simple as lending an ear to those whose voices are often overlooked. Join us in this journey towards creating a more just and inclusive world.