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Andrea Necklace


These natural, raw gemstones make the most gorgeous addition to our thin 14 kt gold filled chain.  Stack them, wear them alone, or pair with the Nela Necklace; you can't go wrong with this one.  You're going to want all four!

About Andrea

Named for Andrea, the talented photographer who captures images and video and shares stories of our artisans in Mexico.


  • 16-18 in 14 kt gold filled chain with moonstone, sunstone, or lapis lazuli gemstone
  • 16-18 in sterling silver chain with clear quartz

Care for Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Jewelry:

  • For best results, keep your jewelry in a sealed plastic bag when not wearing.  This will keep jewelry away from humidity and keep it from losing its sheen from rubbing against other pieces.  Consider adding an anti-tarnish strip in the bag with sterling silver jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry at the gym or when you plan on doing a good amount of sweating.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry in salt water or chlorine or exposing to direct sunlight.
  • Harsh chemicals in perfumes, lotions, and body/hair sprays could cause your pieces to tarnish. Remove jewelry when applying.
  • To clean after wear: wipe with a soft, non-scratch cloth. To clean after heavy wear: add a couple drops of mild dish soap to a bowl of lukewarm water. Dip your cloth in the solution and gently wipe chain, patting dry with a lint free cloth. Do not store until fully dried. 
  • Sterling Silver will more than likely tarnish at some point due to its metal composition, but wearing it can prevent that.  The oils in your skin actually keep your silver nice and shiny as opposed to leaving it lay in your jewelry box.  For best results, clean sterling silver with soap and water.

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