Alpaca Rumi Shawl


Alpaca Shawl Rumi

Alpaca Shawl Rumi. Rumi is an expression in the Quechua language that is the Inca name of the rocks. All L.A.M alpaca garments have been made delicately with the purest alpaca wool from the Bolivian highlands. Unlike other natural fibers, alpaca wool is lighter, extremely soft, and silky.  Alpaca wool is also naturally hypoallergenic, and it is exceptionally durable.

Guarantee to last you for many years. The wool quality and dedication when knitting this garment make all our garments the best choice. This combination is what makes our brand distinguished and recognized since we started in 1985 in La Paz, Bolivia. Our customers around the world feel it immediately with their softness, warmth, and quality.

What we offer in L.A.M is a celebration of Bolivian and Andean culture through alpaca garments. Our master craftsmen create and elaborate each exquisite L.A.M. piece by hand. Our dedication guarantees that each creation of L.A.M has a unique beauty and has been specially knitted for you.

L.A.M is a World Fair Trade Organization (WTFO) member to ensure the best prices for all our master artisans. It is an honor to work with the best and top artisans in Bolivia.

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