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Anti Cellulite Gel - Coffee Pineapple


The extract is extracted from the coffee fruits before roasting to preserve its cosmetic properties. It is stimulating and activates blood circulation, thus providing the skin with a greater amount of oxygen, which favors the reduction of adipocytes and the control of free radical acids. Pineapple extract acts as a diuretic by modifying the soluble solution (Sol Gel) and therefore acts as a desinfiltrant by eliminating toxins. 250 ml

Anti Cellulite Gel Body Desinfiltrant is Hypoallergenic and recommended to solve the problems caused by the accumulation of toxins that cause cellulite.

Instructions for use: Apply after bathing with moistened skin and upward movements until its total penetration sealing it with the body cream. Ingredients: Coffee Extract (stimulant), Pineapple Extract, Guarana Extract, Cocoa Extract, Clove, Cinnamon.

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