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Bottle Bottom Ornament



The Product:

Made up of an upcycled aluminum circle stamped with some of our favorite words, connected to an upcycled cured bottle bottom by wire, and completed with a locally-sourced clay bead, this product shouts the glory of 2nd stories! This ornament is the perfect holiday gift, or little joyful decoration to keep around all year. Add it as a unique piece to a gallery wall or let it stand on its own.

The Story:

Our first workshop was set in Jubilee, the area near where the city garbage was dumped. I would roam through the heaps in search of treasures. I would occasionally find these perfectly round pieces of bottle bottoms; “we can make something with that” I said to myself. And would add them to my burlap sling bag.

After gathering quite the collection i went to work designing what we could make with them. Paired with the recycled aluminum pendants, i was in love! -MK (founder)

Made by our jewelry team

The Details:

-materials: upcycled glass bottle bottoms, upcycled aluminum, clay bead

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