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Brown Leather Belt



The Product:

A strong durable leather belt for the strong durable man in your life! This is a sturdy handcrafted belt that will not disappoint as a gift!

The Story:

These belts are made with 3 layers of Leather, locally sourced. The outside piece is a full grain dyed leather. Full grain means you can tell it was hide of an actual animal that roamed around and got scratched and had wrinkles. It is lovely!  

The middle piece is there for support. Unseen but extremely important for the integrity of the piece. Like so many unseen things, don't you think?

And the third piece on the inside is Split Leather. This gives it a softer more comfortable feel and makes the belt pliable.  

The three pieces are then put together with a bonding substance and then sewn around the perimeter of the belt using a foot powered treadle sewing machine for best control and strength. Also helps to use these machines where electricity is sometimes difficult to come by!

 The holes are hand punched one inch apart and fitted to the Nickel plated buckle. Two rivets secure the leather that loops through the buckle to hold it in place.

All of our leather- whether it is from the Noble Goat (one of the primary sources of protein in Haiti) sheep, or cow- is sourced in-country as a by-product of food. Talk about an authentic #notwasted story! Our leather products are handmade in “The Brothers” Workshop in Jubilee, a small developing community by the sea, on the outskirts of Gonaives. Founded by Benson Thermidor, this workshop employs over 20 people and is changing the story for people in this neighborhood.

The Details: 

Need help finding your size? Check out this article for a sizing chart.

"The rule of thumb in finding the perfect belt size for men is to add 2-3 inches to your pants size to cover for the extra material in clothes. Belts usually have five holes, and it is sized to the measurement of the middle hole."

Read more https://www.blitzresults.com/en/belt-sizes/

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