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Burlap Wristlet


The Product:

A little bigger than our other pouches, this Wristlet can serve as a generous makeup bag, art supply holder, and more. We are crazy about this design using 100% locally sourced recycled burlap coffee sacks and 100% cotton, with a durable strap, just the right length so that is slips easily over the wrist and feels natural to carry.

The Story:

Having once held coffee beans, the recycled burlap pieces used in these wristlets were once part of the economic activity in Haiti. How beautiful and fitting is it that the 2nd story of the burlap is yet another act of commerce- one that is furthering the economic development of Haiti- the making of wristlets for you to carry your own beautiful things in!

The Details:

-dimensions: 6 x 9"

-materials: burlap, cotton 

-internal zippered pocket

-note: each product is one-of-a kind based on the piece of burlap used!

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