Maya Ixu

Cacahuananche and Green Chile Hair Tonic


Strengthens and tones hair, prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth in thin, damaged and delicate hair, provides tone and flexibility, restoring damaged ends. Cacahuanache extract fortifies and stimulates hair, is a good emulsifier and softener for dry and damaged hair. Nettle extract regenerates the scalp and restores brittle hair. Green chili extract stimulates hair growth and strengthens thin, damaged and delicate hair.

How to use: Apply on dry or wet hair after shampooing with penetrating massage on the scalp.

Ingredients: Cacahuananche Extract (tones and strengthens), Nettle (regenerates and restores), Green Chile (stimulates growth), Tomato, Damiana, Agave Cocolmeca. 250 ml.

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