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Mushroom Cloak - Dark Gray, Burgundy and Pink


Elevate your look with our Mushroom Cape, expertly handwoven in 3 continuous strands of recycled fiber to create a unique, lightweight garment with lots of movement. The combination of its three tones makes the cape a modern and distinctive complement of elegance and comfort, for those who want to stand out while doing all the activities of the day or night. An exclusive garment that connects you with nature through the design of the mushrooms that grow on wood and tree trunks. Experience the quality of the Mushroom Cloak as it adapts to your style and personality while supporting local and responsible design.

  • Composition: 70% reclaimed cotton 30% reclaimed polyester..
  • Technique: Jacquard knitting with three threads.
  • Size: One Size
  • Dimensions: 75 cm. length x 110 cm. width*.
  • Weight: 410 gr.
  • Yarns: dark gray, vinotinto and pink

*Size and weight may vary slightly depending on yarn and weaving time.


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