Anna Hummingbird Maxi Necklace


Natural jewelry made with the fruit of the totumo tree (jícara (o), gouaje, bule, tapara, tecomate, huacal, huacal de morro, wingo, higüero, cutuco, pate, calabazo (a), gourd, calbasse), We use techniques of jewelry on natural fiber, the hands of our master craftsmen transform the natural fiber through cutting, sanding, engraving, texturing, dyeing and sealing, achieving a matte finish, highlighting the betas, to give it a natural finish. Look and I'll tell you how we made them: The totumo cover is strong and fibrous, this allows us to use it as a cutting and carving base for our designs. After this, it is painted with translucent inks and we decorate with acrylic stones. In the end we obtain a beautiful piece of Handmade Natural Jewelry made with love.

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