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Ceramic Selknam Figures - Black Koshmenk


The Selknam culture of Tierra del Fuego is fascinating in its mythology and rituality, with spirits that go down or rises) to the earth in an initiation ceremony that ensured the subsistence every season.
These delicate ceramic figures represent the different spirits of the Hain, rite of initiation to the adult life of the Selknam. These are: Kótaix, male spirit of heaven; Tanu, messenger spirit in the Hain rite; Koshmen, spirit that represents the 4 cardinal points; And Sho'ort, the spirit that lives under earth and rises to the surface for the Hain.
The figures are made of enameled white clay, and have a recycled native wood support. Without a doubt a beautiful gift that carries the legacy of a town that we do not want memory to forget them.
The figures are packed in box with label that indicates the spirit and what it represents.
Craftsman: Ivonne Salsse
Location: Osorno
Region: Los Lagos
Technique: enameled ceramics
Dimensions in centimeters: height 7 to 8 cm.
Weight: 50 gr.

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