Maya Ixu

Firming Body Gel Sugar Cane & Green Chili


Sugar cane extracts have proven to be effective in stimulating the production of myosin, which stimulates ATP, favoring better formation of tone fibrils, thus achieving better muscle tension. Green chili extracts stimulate blood irrigation, which helps to keep skin and muscle tissue firm by oxygenating it and promoting cell division. Green tea extract favors the elimination of adipocytes, thus firming the tissue by allowing adherence. Hypoallergenic body firming gel recommended to control flaccidity caused by the passage of time and lack of exercise.

For best results it is recommended to exercise and ingest two liters of water. Instructions for use: It is applied after bathing with slightly damp skin and penetration massage sealing with body cream.

Ingredientes: Extracto de caña de azúcar (estimulante ) Extracto chile verde( favorece la irrigación sanguínea ) Extracto te verde ( reafirmante), Extracto de Tomillo, Toroncid

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