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Rhombus Top - Military Green


A cotton top that is not just any top! It is a light and simple garment, where the material and the texture of the diamond-shaped fabric form the perfect fit for any body and adapts to any style and climate. The Rhombus Top is knitted with a 100% recycled fiber continuous yarn and does not generate waste. A unique timeless basic that will complement any day you want to feel fresh and comfortable.

We create it in 3 different sizes so that there is always one to suit any body type and style;

Small last or slim fit, to show off a slender body;

Medium or regular fit, fits a variety of bodies;

Wide or oversize last, for a wide and loose fit.

- Silvia, the model, is wearing a medium last. 

Composition: 70% recovered cotton 30% recovered polyester.
Technique: Knitted gathered. Knitted manually with continuous threads, without cuts and without generating waste. 
Size: Different lasts for different body types. 
Sizes: See size chart.
Weight: Slim fit: 108 gr. Regular fit: 123 gr. Oversize: 150 gr.
*Size and weight may vary slightly depending on yarn and weaving time.

If you want a larger or smaller size, you can write us and we will make it to your liking.


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