Maya Ixu

Lipomobilizing Gel with Tlachalagua Cocolmeca for Body Modeling


The Tlachalagua extract acts in depth stimulating the metabolization and burning of calories, thus favoring the elimination of adipocytes that make up body fat. The Cocolmeca extract acts as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory which favors the elimination of adipocytes through the lymphatic system. Guarana extract stimulates blood circulation and provides oxygen, thus reducing adipocytes.

250 ml Lipomobilizing body modeling gel Hypoallergenic, recommended to model the problems that occur due to the accumulation of fatty adipocytes that modify the body figure modeling it, it is recommended to have a balanced diet.

Directions for use: Apply daily on wet skin after bathing with rotating movements until its total penetration, sealing it with the body cream.

Ingredients: Tlachalagua Extract (lipolytic), Cocolmeca Extract (diuretic), Guarana Extract (stimulant), Artichoke Extract, Coffee Extract, Camphor, Menthol.

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