Maya Ixu

Mezcal Tepezcohuite Day Cream


Sealing Base Cream, recommended for normal or dehydrated skin, protects from environmental aggressions nourishing and moisturizing the surface layers of the skin without greasing it, it is easily assimilated and acts as a sealer or makeup base, provides the benefits of nutrients from Agave rich in vitamins ABC, carbohydrates and potassium and Tepezcohuite that acts as a regenerating active rich in minerals and flavonoids. minerals and flavonoids. 60 ml.

Directions for use: Apply on the day before makeup after cleansing and toning the skin with a light penetrating massage let it sit for 10 minutes and proceed to makeup.

Ingredients: Agave extract (nourishing), Tepezcohuite extract (regenerating), Yucca extract (anti-solar), Collagen, Vitamins A and E Soybean oil, sweet almond oil, toroncid (preservative).

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