Maya Ixu

Mezcal Tepezcohuite Regenerating Cream Sealing Body Cream


The agave extract nourishes the fibroblast favoring the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. The Tepezcohuite extract acts at the cellular level prolonging the active life of the cells favoring their correct division. The extract of sugar cane stimulates the ATP favoring the best formation of tone fibrils so that a better tension of the muscles is achieved. 480 ml.

Directions for use: Apply after bathing as a moisturizer and protector, if lipomobilizing, anti-cellulite or firming gels have been used, apply once these have penetrated and act as a sealer.

Ingredients: Agave extract, Tepezcohuite extract Sugar cane extract (stimulant) Soybean oil (lubricant) Beeswax (sealant) Almond oil

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