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Poncho Palmas - Dark Gray and Emerald Green


The Poncho is the all-time favorite, so we decided to make a new version taking advantage of the lightness of cotton, capturing the silhouettes of the ferns and palms of Colombian landscapes. Our new Poncho Palmas is designed for all those who want a versatile garment and comfortable that gives a touch of sophistication and freshness to the look.This accessory can be used in different ways according to the taste and style of the wearer.
Composition: 70% recovered cotton 30% recovered polyester. Technique: Jacquard knit fabric in two continuous threads without generating waste. Size: One size (S/M/L) Measurements: 95 cm. total width and 148 cm. of total length. *Weight: 210 gr. **Size and weight may vary slightly depending on yarn, combination and knitting time.

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