Rebozos Tenancingo

Traditional Tenancingo Rebozo Hand Woven In Loom in Egyptian Cotton Shawl - Black


Tenancingo is national and international recognized as the place for the elaboration of "rebozos" since even the coat of arms of Tenancingo roots this tradition by placing in the lower right quarter a cone of natural thread that represents the textile essence.

In this town Mr Crispiniano Lopez created in 1908 a familiar workshop and since then he has managed to keep the secrets of one of the richest traditions in the country : weaving.  Later, his son Hermilio Lopez has continued with this tradition, growing the workshop and giving employment to artisans from the region. He has innovated on colors, designs and products.

To produce a rebozo the brand keeps an ancient technique called "Ikat"  which consists of tying up spaces for subsequent dyeing, generating countless drawings.

The most exclusive and expensive rebozo the brand produces is the one with 100%  high quality cotton (120/2 gauge cotton) made on colonial loom and dyed with natural dyes.  The manufacturing time is 1 year and 16 different artisans  participate in each step of the elaboration process.
  • Measures approximately 98" by 30"

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