Maya Ixu

Tepezcohuite Regenerating Sunscreen SPF-50


Sunscreen with SPF 50 factor for face and body waterproof, recommended for normal skin, delicate, irritated or with problems of sensitivity to the sun, acts as a regenerating and protective UVB and UVA rays avoiding pigmentation or dyschromias that appear by exposure to sunlight in all skin types and age, adhesion and permanence on the skin, combination of filters, non-greasy texture, water-soluble base. 130 ml.

Formulated based on Tepezcohuite extract and Yucca extract as a sunscreen so in addition to regenerating the skin protects it from solar radiation using the regenerating properties of Tepezcohuite and the properties of Yucca which besides being a great moisturizer, acts as a natural sunscreen so it does not cause any allergic reaction.

How to use: On clean skin apply on face and body before sun exposure.

Ingredients: Yucca extract (anti solar), tepezcohuite extract (regenerating), agave extract (nourishing), natural moisturizers, Escalol, Germal 15 l, hygroplex.

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