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Ruana Maxi Frailejón Alpaca


The Ruana Maxi Frailejón is a unique piece woven especially for the New York Fashion Week show in February 2020. The design of the fabric is inspired by the frailejón, one of the most important plants for Colombian biodiversity that is It is found in the moors and has the important function of caring for and improving the ecosystem they inhabit.This garment is woven by hand using the jacquard technique, in 3 continuous threads of 100% alpaca.It is made up of two rectangular pieces joined in the center of the back and open in front, with contrasting woven fringes, sewn along the sides.

Composition: 100% Alpaca

Technique: Jacquard knit fabric in three colors, woven fringes and luperadora joints.

One size.

Measurements: 126 cm. long x 43 cm. Wide*

Weight: 1630 grams.

Threads: dark blue, burgundy and white**

*Size may vary depending on yarn and weaving time.
**Natural color of alpaca.

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