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Granite and Copper Ice and Coasters Set


Millions of years have passed since the entrails of the Earth, in the Andes mountain range, was formed is rock that the glaciers dragged down the Valley down.
The work was continued by the river that was pushing and spending the stone, and finally the artisans, who skillfully cut the stone and wrapped it bright copper.
Stone ice cubes, cool without liquefy, without altering their flavor or their body.
Leave your stone ice for at least 2 hours and enjoy
Includes: 12 cubes of 2 cm., 4 poses stone and copper vessels 10 cm in diameter, and packaging with cotton sack and black box with lid.
Craftsman: Jorge Parada / Telmo Valle
Locality: Pelequén
Region: O'Higgins
Technique/material: granite and copper
Weight: 1,000 grs. approx

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