Chile a Mano

Set of Greda Cups, Spoons and Saucers


This set is designed for the little ones in the house, to play the meals, but we have many customers who carry it for their pecks and basative. All the reason! It is a perfect set to give or give us the most beautiful in Chile. Two gifts in one, with the useful and beautiful wicker suitcase that is already a classic of our store.
Includes 4 wells, 4 cups and 4 teaspoons
Artisans: Clara Mecato / Angel Gutierrez
Technique: braided wicker; Black Pomaire Greden
Dimensions in centimeters: basket height 15 cm, length 24 cm. 6 cms cups. high, pools 9 cm in diameter.
Weight: 1700 grs.

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