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This balm is amazing for any minor skin irritation, rash, burns, scrapes and cuts, etc.! Anything where you feel excess heat coming off the skin, this balm will help. It is also great after time in the sun. Tips: Be sure to keep some on hand in the summertime as it is wonderful for bug bites and stings. Makes an excellent natural replacement for petroleum-based antibiotic ointment. It is also an excellent lightweight moisturizer for oily skin. This is our most versatile product!

Directions: Apply a small amount topically to irritated skin multiple times a day. As a moisturizer, apply a small amount after cleansing twice per day. Note: melts at 76 degrees.

Ingredients: Coconut oil*, neem oil*, lavender*, sandalwood*, chamomile*. *Certified organic. Storage and Shelf Life: To retain the purity of natural ingredients, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, and close top tightly after each use. Since there are no chemical preservatives, please use within 4-6 months.

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