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Alpaca Orchid Sweater - Lavender and Dark Gray


With the Orchid Sweater you can easily bring the magic of these Colombian flowers to the coldest climates. This is a unisex, versatile and lightweight garment that allows you to build an infinity of looks without having to give up comfort or warmth. It is a loose garment, with contrasting adjusted cuffs, thus generating a slightly puffed effect on the sleeves.

Composition: 100% Alpaca

Technique: Jacquard knit fabric in two colors and Rib on the cuffs and neck.

One size

Measurements: 56 cm. wide x 60 cm. long and 66 cm. sleeve length.

Weight: 425 grams.

Threads: background: lavender and contrast: dark grey**

*Size may vary depending on yarn and weaving time.
**Natural color of alpaca.

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