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Tawa Alpaca Pillow

Color: Surf

Handwoven Alpaca Pillow, 100% Sustainable Fibers and Materials

  • Size: 40 x 40 cm 
  • Fiber: Handspun yarn; 80% alpaca / 20% wool blend. Yarn hand-dyed with natural dyes. Cotton twill backing with covered zipper closure. Four hand-knotted tassels at corners.
  • Styles: Ocean, Surf, Vicuna, Coral
Make your statement – fair, ethical, eco-friendly.

The Tawa pillow is a statement piece that says "I care" - about good design, and about people.

Handwoven in fine alpaca fiber, the Tawa throw pillow marries modern design with ancient tradition. This decorative pillow looks great as a modern accent piece in any home, but you'll know its real value: helping to empower women and keep ancient traditions alive.

The name Tawa comes from the Quechua word for the Incan Empire, the Tawantinsuyu. It also literally means “4”! The Peruvian textile is woven using the discontinuous warp and weft weaving technique, one of the most challenging and threatened techniques in the Andes today.

Go for the whole boho look and mix-and-match the Tawa alpaca pillow with our other handwoven artisan pillows, like the Upis, Picchu or Pallay pillows!

Note: Excludes cushion insert. Visit our friends at Pillow Cubes for a fantastic selection of eco-friendly, recycled pillow inserts. Ask us for your exclusive coupon code to receive 10% off!


This Tawa Alpaca Pillow was handwoven in the high Andean community of Pitukiska by the Mayu Chaska weaving association. Pitukiska is located about 4 hours away from Cusco in the highlands above the Mapacho River Valley, on the edge of the Cusquenan jungle. 



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