Wool Feather Pillow Cover Hand-Woven in a Treadle Loom in Ivory, Brown, Beige and Flesh

Color: Natural Color, Brown, Beige, Flesh
Hand-woven made with 100% sheep wool dyed using natural dyes in Ayacucho, in the district of Huamanga. . To make the cushion, first the warp is assembled (set of threads placed in parallel and lengthwise on the loom to pass through them the weft and form a fabric) which takes 1 hour and a half. The warp is assembled on the loom and this process takes about 12 hours. On the loom the cushion is woven using the colors and design that have been selected. The weaving of a cushion takes approximately 6 hours. These cushions are hand embroidered, the process takes an additional 12-16 hours once we have the base canvas worked on the loom. A total of approximately 36 hours of hand work.

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